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"The Philosopher of Hip Hop"

I have heard loudly and clearly from those who follow my philosophy of Hip Hop that they want more. I appreciate that you’ve waited a long time, but the wait is just about over. As the Philosopher of Hip Hop, I’ve been working on a CD I believe will blow your mind. It is titled “Pedigree”.

And what is “Pedigree”. Webster Dictionary says: “A list of ancestors; record of ancestry; family tree (2) descent; lineage; and ancestry; 3. A recorded or known line of descent, especially of a purebred animal.”

 December 28 marks the date of the total package, “Producing, Writing, & Performing.” The first time I performed was as a child and being the youngest of seven I performed the songs I grew up around, which were by Sugar Hill Gang and Run DMC --to name a few. Plus my brother had a band and every chance I got I would do my own thing.

 At twelve-years-old, I entered a talent show and freestyled for the first time. I stumbled over some words, but realized then that I wanted to be a rapper one day. That’s why I started writing and calling in on “Roll Call”, a radio program that allows you to freestyle over their beat. By then I was in high school and just mainly freestyled and battled in the football locker room. Having money became more important, so I started hustling while playing football. By this time I was a senior and rolling. That’s when I moved to Chicago. I continued to hustle but in my spare time I began writing again and realized that I have “The Gift” of writing songs.”

 I started going to rap sessions at Save the Children concerts and getting into producing. My style of music is different. It’s not the typical everyday hip hop. I call it Monkey Wrenches because it’s bound to stop the wheels of ‘haterism’. My music not only tells the truth but it gives light. I keep it real and minimize profanity as much as possible.

  Not until I moved back to St. Louis a few years ago did I become serious about my music. And since then I have completed 3 CD’s. Upchurch, the CEO and producer of Hard Hitten Productions, worked with me on the first two. I produced the last one with no help and it has 12 songs. I have also worked with Dave out of Chicago on a few tracks. I recently won a battle in Chicago at Tony’s Sports. That opened up the opportunity for me to open for Jay-Z in Chicago. I opened for Lil John and the Eastside Boys and Memphis Bleek in St. Louis and at both performances my music had the crowd hyped and dancing. I had the chance to showcase my music on 100.3 The Beat and got a lot of positive feedback. My music is currently in rotation in Satellite Radio.

So far, I’ve written about 300 songs and produced about 40 beats.

Now I’m coming out  full blast with “THE GIFT”  on my latest CD, “Pedigree”…so  you can see where the Philosopher of Hip Hop is coming from . Not just dancing, but with more hot lyrics and hot beats. GOD has shown me favor by blessing me with this talent and I am going to share it with you in “Pedigree”.

One Love,

Chief DD

P.S. “I’ve done so much with so little I can do anything with nothing at ALL.”

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