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Healthcare Plan (Obama Care)

President Obama's Remarks on Historic Supreme Court Ruling on Health Care - full text

FACT SHEET: The Affordable Care Act: Secure Health Coverage for the Middle Class

Four quick steps to understanding the Supreme Court Obamacare decision

Obama administration and states move forward to implement health care law 

TN GOP Chairman Chris Devaney's Statement on Supreme Court Ruling

Statement from TN State Senator Mae Beavers, TN State Representative Linda Elam and TN State Representative Mark Pody on Supreme Courtís Ruling on Obamacare

"Supreme Court Falters in Defense of Constitution," says Tea Party 

"Supreme Court's Word Game Saves Obamacare" by Sheldon Richman - July 6, 2012

What the Supreme Court Healthcare Decision Means for Physicians

Statements from Congressional Black Caucus on Supreme Court Healthcare Ruling - June 28, 2012




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