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Posted September 5, 2013

Is Syria Obama’s Waterloo?

By  Eugene Stovall, Ph.D.*



Special to The Mid-South Tribune and Black Information Highway

There is a parallel between Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo and Obama’s pending defeat in Syria. Not that Obama is a military genius who leads men in battle. Obama prefers drone strikes that kill women and children. Neither, on the other hand,  would anyone consider Napoleon for a Nobel Peace Prize. However, there is a parallel between the two men: hubris. When Napoleon took a nap during the battle at Waterloo, he awoke to a defeated army. Obama, too, is sleepwalking through his crisis in Syria.

In continuing the Bush doctrine of “preemptive wars” and “American exceptionalism”, the Obama regime as described by Bob Woodward in Plan of Attack and Obama’s War unleashes terror from the sky with drone strikes and has ‘boots on the ground’ deploying a secret CIA mercenary army. In this way, Obama has achieved limited successes in Libya, Egypt and Yemen. Emboldened by these successes, Obama took the next step in the “neo-Con” goal of an American war on Iran. This step is Obama’s ongoing secret war in Syria. At first this war went well. However, the CIA  began to find that Syria was not Libya and the Syrian army was more than a match for its mercenaries. So Obama turned to General Petraeus. Whether or not Petraeus’s honor caused him to balk at killing innocent women and children to further “neo-Con” goals is not known. But clearly, Petraeus’ departure left Obama’s secret war on Syria in jeopardy. So Obama turned to the one person that he knew would prosecute the war on Syria to its conclusion: John Kerry. Known as the “Big Devil” among his brothers in the Skull and Bones, Kerry began implementing Obama’s Syrian war strategy using the same tactics that proved successful in America’s war in Iraq, Panama and Greneda: lies and propaganda. However, Kerry’s massive propaganda campaign to commit the United States to yet another war seems to have fallen on deaf ears. America is war weary. The Obama administration is failing to find the receptive audience, domestically or around the world, that it needs to further his continuation of Israel’s proxy war in the Middle East. And Syria might just become Obama’s Waterloo.

* Eugene Stovall was born and raised in Oakland, California. At age eighteen, he was invested into the Knights of Peter Claver, after having attended St. Joseph’s College Seminary where he studied for the Catholic priesthood. Stovall graduated from Bishop O’Dowd High School and attended St. Mary’s College, but left college to join the U.S. Air Force. In 1966, he graduated magna cum laude from the University of California. In 1969, using research obtained at the University of Lund in Sweden, he obtained his master’s from the University of California at Davis. Becoming a National Foundation Fellow in 1973, Stovall received his Ph.D. in political theory from the Political Science Department at the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Stovall has been an adjunct faculty member at USF, St. Mary’s College, San Francisco State University and at Merritt College. His previous novels include the 2007 IPPY Bronze Medal winner, Frank Yerby: A Victim’s Guilt. The Hayward South County NAACP honored Stovall for memorializing the great black novelist. His latest novel  is "CONSORT OF THE FEMALE PHARAOH: HAT-SHEP-SUT, SENEN-MUT AND THE 18TH EGYPTIAN DYNASTY" (Kindle ISBN: 0-9716691-5-5) is available for Amazon Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Ddigital-text&field-keywords=Eugene+Stovall and in multi-formats for other e-Readers through numerous vendors online.





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